Private Parking And Their Outlawed Parking Charge Scams

Fantasy Miami Beach

Parking charges, which are officially called as ‘Penalty Charge Notices‘ are almost always negligible and sometimes public parking managements don’t even charge any penalties as they mostly come under the government’s authority. But a lot of private companies charge terribly for private parkings. Its a real negative and extremely rapacious. It can be contemplated as a parking scam, scumbags do that & it ain’t me. I am Miami’s own tenant and native townsman Mr. Andrew Mirmelli who runs a private parking company named M&M Parking Management and allow me to let you all know that my company’s parking charges are very low as compared to other private parking lots in the downtown. So, whenever you find yourself in South Miami Beach, Andrew Mirmelli’s Parking lot i.e. my Parking lot located in the 1710 Lennox Avenue always welcomes you all marvelous folks to park your vehicles and help you’ll to ease yourselves and have fun all over Miami Beach..!!!!!!!!

 Sky & Sun above the head, Water & Sand beneath the feet,
Life is awesome at The Miami Beach… :))

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