What You Can Do To Prevent Your Vehicle From Getting Towed in Miami by Andrew Mirmelli

"Prevent Your Vehicle From Getting Towed in Miami" - Andrew Mirmelli

Miami, Moscow or Macau – where there's action, there are parking issues and the last thing you would want after a weekend gratification, is to see your car being towed away from the Downtown parking. While illegal parking is insane in Miami. If you are as familiar to the city, as America is to beer, new visitors may be sympathized with. But all of this annoyance can be eradicated if you give it a try to park your vehicle at The Andrew Mirmelli's Miami Parking Lot.

Nowadays parking of vehicles is becoming more & more expensive and it is really difficult to find the right place to park the vehicles due to increase in traffic population.

Don't worry!! Here is the solution....

I am Andrew Mirmelli, the owner and operator of M&M Parking Downtown. It is also famously known as Andrew Mirmelli's Parking Management in Miami Beach. This place is my home and I really love this place. I believe, anyone with a lust & desire for sun, sand, surf & turf, must visit this awesome place atleast once in his or her lifetime. 

Andrew Mirmelli Miami Parking Management
Beach Parking Management

But, if you haven't let your hair down in Miami before, let me give you a few parking tips at Miami beach, to avoid your fun from ending up the wrong way :
  • Avoid breaking parking rules and always heed the public display signs
  • Ask your hotel for information on the available parking options for the specific areas of travel
  • Check out Dade Blvd. free parking along the swale areas that are allowed in many residential areas here
  • Never park on a sidewalk, at a red curbside, in a designated residential zones or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Don't encroach on disabled parking spaces
  • If a store is closed for the night, don't use its parking lot
  • Abide by the allotted hours of parking in the lot.

Park Right & Enjoy Tight in Miami !!!!!!! 



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