“Adopting a Creative Approach to Cope Up with Parking Issues”- Andrew Mirmelli

Parking Balloon Approach 

Andrew Mirmelli Parking Management solutions are more focused on implementing a creative and efficient parking management programs which may also help communities, private landlords and other commercial set-ups to cope up with parking problems.
In big cities and towns, it has became difficult for drivers to find an empty space to park their cars. Even after entering into the parking area, they gotta spend some time on seeking for a suitable place to park. This is really a time consuming and frustrating task especially when you go out and want to ease yourself or go for shopping in malls and big shopping centers.
A private parking lot owner based in South Beach, Miami Mr. Andrew Mirmelli advises the use of a creative approach to solve parking problems. He cites the example of Hong Kong where parking had became a major problem due to increasing traffic and availability of limited space. A national oil company took the initiative to solve this problem. They used an innovative and experimental approach towards the solution for this ongoing problem and consequently also created a good image & recognition of the company.

In this approach process, they chose a big parking area, where people or drivers faced an issue of finding a vacant space to park their cars. Because of the vast parking area, most people had to spend around 10 to 15 minutes looking out for empty parking space. So, the company tied a Down Arrow shaped Helium Balloons at the side corner of each of the parking spaces. When any driver parked the vehicle, the arrow used to go down and when he left the place, the arrow went up.
Ergo, now whenever any car enters the parking area, the driver can see the unoccupied space balloon and detect the vacant parking space there easily even from a long distance and he/she can go straight to the desired location to park their respective vehicles.


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