I Am Only In It For The Parking - Andrew Mirmelli

What we do when it comes to parking our vehicles? Well, we just park in a lot, no matter where we are, we find parking lots as the most convenient way to park. And it is the easiest way to save yourself from a ticket of “No-Parking”. 

Here are some parking rules & suggestions by Mr. Andrew Mirmelli. He is the Owner and Operator of M&M Parking Downtown also known as Andrew Mirmelli Parking Management, Miami South Beach FL

Miami Beach Parking

These rules which may help you while parking are :

  1. Whenever you are parking, review the spot and make sure that you leave the car in front of you enough space to get out of their spot.
  2. Be aware of “one-way” instructions on the ground or on signs.
  3. Be sure to check traffic, including your blind spot.
  4. Make sure your car is pulled all the way into an open space so the back isn't sticking out.
  5. If parking in an open parking lot at night, try to find a parking space that is in close proximity to a light for added safety.

Always remember, Parking rules are designed to stop vehicles from parking where it would be dangerous or inconvenient for others..


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