"Park Smart & Pay for your Cart" - Andrew Mirmelli

If you’re a teen driver, you will most definitely be parking in a lot, whether it’s at school, concerts, movies, or when you go shopping. Some of the important points advised by Mr. Andrew Mirmelli Owner of M&M Parking Downtown which can be helpful while parking your car are:

Beach Parking Lot

  • Try to park your car as centered and straight as possible in the space.
  • If another car is parked at an angle, try to avoid parking beside it. Look for another space if you can.
  • Be aware of “one way” instructions on the ground or on signs.
  • Watch for other drivers who may be rushing to get a spot, and not see you pulling out.
  • Never, ever speed up in Andrew Mirmelli's parking lot or any parking garage, and always slow down at turns.
  • Watch out for small children in parking garages and lots. They tend to break away from their parents and run in front of the cars.
  • Make sure your car is pulled all the way into a space so the back isn't sticking out.
  • Try not to park at the end of an aisle, where other cars are making lots of turns.

And, the most important of them all, always Pay before you Park to avoid getting towed in Miami Beach!!



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